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Our Most Popular Articles:

What Are the Best Double Edge Razor Blades For Shaving?

So you’ve got (or just bought) your safety razor, and you want to fit it with a nice, shiny blade. And you don’t just want any old blade. Whichever one you choose is going to be sliding against your face and chopping off your hair, after all. So you want something... read more

What’s the Best Safety Razor for Men? Ratings & Reviews

Shaving is part of how we care for that beautiful mug, and, more importantly, it’s a part of how we care for the man underneath. It’s a sacred space — a few manly minutes out of the day in which we can pamper ourselves and say, “Damn! I look good today.”... read more

What Are The Best Facial Oils for Shaving?

Nowadays, most of us men do our shaving with disposable razors – those thin gray sticks with the convoluted lawnmower on one end. Most disposable razor users pay $30 a pack for these things, which invariably convince you that more blades = better. However, what you... read more

How to Get the “Bald with Beard” Look

It takes a lot of balls to adopt the bald with beard look – mostly because shaving your head is always risky. And it’s especially risky if you’ve never done it before. There are just so many things that could go wrong. Plus, once you do it, there’s no going back.... read more

A Man’s Guide to the Coolest Beard Styles of All Time

There’s something mystical about a beard. Something… manly. If it’s done well, that is. A beard is a tightrope walk. If yo>u nail it, it can do absolute wonders for your style. If you botch it, you’re going to look like a drunken teenage hobo. So it pays to get... read more


Our Most Recent Articles:

An In-Depth Review of the Truefitt and Hill Shaving Creams

Before we dive into the review, it’s worth mentioning Truefitt and Hill’s history. Truefitt and Hill is the official shaving line of the royal family of England. Prince Harry uses this stuff, and that guy is a ladykiller. That has absolutely nothing to do with the... read more

Reviews of the Best Simpson Shaving Brushes

Simpsons has been around a long time. This is an historic shaving company with a great reputation. They’ve been around since 1919, when Alexander Simpson began producing shaving brushes in the East End of London, and for that whole time, they’ve made all of their... read more

Interview with Artisan Soap Maker Douglas Smythe

Hey! We’ve got an awesome guest for you today: Douglas Smythe, an artisan soap maker from Douglass has been around a long time and at one point, his was his main business. Since then, he’s branched out considerably... read more

How to Clean an Electric Razor

Those electric razors are usually great for a lot of your facial hair needs – it’s a nice, easy way to get stubble taken care of, and they’re awesome if you don’t want to go through the ritualistic stuff that’s involved in wet shaving. (Not that there’s anything wrong... read more

Hey Baldies! This is the Best Electric Shaver For Your Head

Now, before we start – I’m sorry I called you ‘baldies.’ Lots of awesome dudes are bald: Andrew Zimmern’s bald, and he eats more crazy stuff than you or I could ever dream of. Patrick Stewart’s bald, and not only is he the captain of the Enterprise, he also leads the... read more


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